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Mercedes-Benz NXT

Home of Mercedes-Benz’s digital objects

Having established Mercedes-Benz NXT's foundational framework, the creative studio 0xNXT now embarks on a quest to realize a long-term vision — creating digital objects that can stand the test of time.

Mercedes-Benz, a brand steeped in over 130 years of innovation and progressiveness, mirrors the same ambition that propels the thriving Web3 culture today. With Mercedes-Benz NXT, the brand seeks to honor the evolving community surrounding digital objects by contributing something meaningful and enduring.


NFT → Digital Objects

Vision: to create digital objects that stand the test of time.

The digital objects developed under Mercedes-Benz NXT will not only serve as pieces of art and collectibles but also carry forward a larger narrative. However, the narrative isn't a limitation but an avenue for boundless creativity. As previously outlined, this philosophy is backed by a well-structured framework that promises collectors both enjoyment and predictability.

The Mercedes-Benz NXT digital objects should not be perceived as a future investment but rather, they should be collected for the sheer joy of collecting. The real value lies in the artistry and the narratives these objects carry, transcending the conventional notions of collecting.


Bridging Timeless Legacy and Future Innovation with Mercedes-Benz NXT

The birth of Mercedes-Benz NXT and 0xNXT symbolizes a long-term commitment towards blockchain-based digital art and collectibles. It marks the first time Mercedes-Benz has allied with an official partner, in this case, their long-time creative partner Omnicom, to steer their portfolio of digital objects.

0xNXT, born out of a collaborative venture between Mercedes-Benz and Omnicom, is composed of a team of NFT enthusiasts who have been entrenched in the NFT collector community for years. As a dedicated legal entity, 0xNXT enables Mercedes-Benz to dive into the vibrant world of digital objects with a long-term strategy and the necessary resources.

The scope of Mercedes-Benz NXT is comprehensive, covering all Mercedes-Benz brands and the entire product portfolio. As the journey begins, the excitement is palpable, and details about upcoming activities will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned to be the first to know about the next phase of this ground-breaking venture.

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